Holistic Mental HealthI have made great discoveries on my own journey to health and wellbeing.

My practice is now broad and holistic.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Wellbeing: Finding your way to your greatest energy, vitality and purpose.
  • Building resilience: Learn techniques and strategies to grow flexibility, stamina and capacity to meet life’s demands.
  • Stress reduction: It is not so much what happens as how we respond.  Develop skills to recognise and shift stress responses to a state of greater ease and resourcefulness.
  • Mentoring/coaching: Create clarity, life direction, meaning and purpose, avoid burnout.

Expert Testimonials

“Marg is a true coach and mentor. She enables and facilitates you to discover what you already hold inside and together you work on ways to tap into that on a reguar basis. With her vast skill set and beautiful intuition we were able to identify activities that helped me to draw out the answers to the questions I was seeking. I am truly grateful.”

– Ali Brooker, chiropractor, Auckland, New Zealand

“This is a wonderful story Marg. You’ve been a healer and guide for Lachie, Oscar and me for many years. You are part of the inspiration for me in my present journey.”

– Deb Capp, music teacher, mother and student of exercise physiology

“Marg Peck has been an inspiring mentor to me for the past few years. Her knowledge of the physical body is perceptive & grounded. Her ability to connect the physical to a client’s mind & spirit is truly special. Marg’s honest & calm approach & her intuitive wisdom & experience, make her a wonderful mentor for both support in working with clients, but also as a guide for my business direction & staying connected to my own visions for life & work. Thanks Marg”

– Cat Nicholas, emBODY Pilates – Pilates Instructor & Studio owner

“Marg brings her wealth of knowledge and experience of the health and wellness industry together to provide supportive and inspiring coaching/mentoring for health practitioners. I have benefited greatly from Marg’s support in helping me to clarify my direction and to find my purpose, which is my source of ongoing inspiration. Marg is the perfect person to have on your team!”

– Kathryn Maloney, Naturopath

Marg Peck is one of those rare individuals who has the capacity to truly change lives! Her work as a leading chiropractor, healer and mentor is world class. Richly steeped in both knowledge and experience, Marg uses creative approaches to support people to make successful and sustainable change to their lives. For those yearning for better work/life balance or seeking to find greater authenticity in both their personal and professional lives, Marg’s astute coaching support is invaluable.

Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews, Founder of Yoga Harmony