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Your unique path

Finding your unique path and having meaning and purpose in life has significant benefits for your health and wellbeing. The questions who am I, where am I going and what I am meant to be doing are a great source of stress and anxiety for many people. An article published in Psychology Today in July…

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It’s time for a change

As we heal ourselves, so we can heal others and the world around us. Trauma is everywhere, subtle micro-trauma and violations to the sacredness of life, major macro-trauma of war, genocide, cultural annihilation and destruction, intergenerational violence, sexual violence and abuse. The sacredness and sense of reverence for life that we all deeply need and…

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Be still, listen What is arising Breath moves Rises falls Notice the stirrings Disquiet The rumblings Stay here awhile Call upon your courage Do not run from this place   Stand in the darkness Behold Look up for the stars Feel yourself firmly Linger here and breathe   Be still and listen Feel the current…

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Wisdom of Māori Aotearoa

Life for me is extraordinary. It has been for many years, probably all my life, if I am available to notice. I would like to share with you some of the wisdom and beauty I have encountered since arriving in New Zealand in January this year. Andrew, my husband had been living here for two…

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Creating health and happiness with presence

If you are interested in health and wellbeing, or the brain and psychology, then neuroscience is the most exciting area you can explore. Scientific research in matters of the mind and brain has exploded with a mass of new and enlightening information, confirming what wise and influential thinkers have been saying for centuries. Health and…

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