Find help for Career Coaching and Mentoring, Work-life balance, Stress management and Resilience, Build self-confidence and Inner wisdom.

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I use coaching tools, nutritional information and neuroscience to support each person.

The aim of coaching is to access and cultivate the inner coach and wisdom within each individual.  I support people to move from stress to strength, from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, depleted to resourced, confusion to clarity and fatigue to vitality.

My purpose is to help people to move from stress to strength.

Individual Coaching-Mentoring

I offer individualised Coaching/Mentoring for professional or personal support in the areas of work-life balance, health and well-being, professional development, clarifying purpose, vision and life mission, goal setting, resilience building, stress management and parenting. My coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and I tailor them to your individual needs. Coaching can occur face-face if that is convenient, or online usually via Skype or Zoom, both very easy systems to navigate.

  • Assessment: initial questionnaires to determine issues and challenges.

  • Online Coaching-Mentoring: for health practitioners, working mothers and individuals, to create health, wellbeing and vitality. Life balance. Using simple and easy to use platforms, we are able to communicate effectively in any place and time zone.  All you need is a computer and internet connection and from the ease of your own home or office, we are able to complete effective and connected coaching sessions.

  • Professional Mentoring: for allied health practitioners, career transition, starting out in practice, getting established, avoiding burnout, being inspired. Life balance.

LIFEWISE Group Coaching

I conduct small focus group sessions titled LIFEWISE.


4-week programs of learning and growth with the aim of creating a clear pathway to move ahead.  With a maximum of 6-8 participants, we are able to explore focus topic areas in depth and allow for greater awareness and insight, learning, and a plan for growth in each person. 


Using a classic coaching model we work through 4 topic focus areas over the course of the 4 weeks;


Awareness:  What are your current challenges, what is working in your life and what is not. We get clear about where we are.


Vision: What is calling you, how could things be, what would you dream of if there was no limitation of time, money or energy.


Goal setting: Using SMARTE goals and actions, we identify which steps would create the most leverage and greatest change.


Resiliency:  Create strategies and learn techniques to deal with your stumbling blocks, the things that hold you back and your limiting patterns and beliefs.


LIFEWISE Group Coaching


  • Lifewise purpose: Clarify your purpose, vision and mission.  Who are you in the world, what are you here to offer?  How can you more fully realise what it is you have to offer and share.  Create steps and a plan to enact your dreams or visions and bring more of your authentic self into what it is you do.


  • Lifewise life balance: Find life balance and time for all the things that matter. One of the most important tasks on our planet is raising our children. There is so much advice and information out there about all aspects of family life. Diet and nutrition, education styles, management of behaviours, health and wellbeing.  Clarify what it is we would want for our families, what are your families strengths and how to make changes where we feel they are needed. Find life balance and time for all the things that matter, priorities, needs, and demands. 


  • Health and wellbeing:  Mauri ora, life force, vitality.  Whatever you call it, we all need it.  How do we optimise our vital life force.  The vast and complex world of information can be overwhelming and confusing.  What is right for your life and your body, what works for you and what is it that your individual life is calling for.


  • Professional direction: Stay inspired, renew your creative spark, which pathway to choose all important questions and part of your professional clarity and effectiveness.  Connect with your values, unconscious creative force, and intuition to enhance work-life satisfaction, meaning, and joy. 


I'd love to hear from you. Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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 🌍Castlemaine Victoria Australia
 🌍Gisborne New Zealand
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One of the greatest joys of professional life has been mentoring and coaching my clients and colleagues to find greater ease, health, possibility and balance in their lives.

I am the mother of two wonderful young men and have established and developed two multi-practitioner practices.

Moving into ease, purpose and well-being transforms life.

Lifewise Coaching

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