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Why movement

I have been dancing since I can remember and probably before that as well. Movement has given me health and vitality, relief from stress, a means of expression, a way to integrate, learn and discover more about myself and my body. 

After completing my Chiropractic studies I felt the need to rebalance the scientific and academic years I had spent and refind my flow and creativity. The first book I purchased was called "The only dance there is" by Ram Dass. This started a lifelong inquiry for me into the relationship between the mind and body. The physiology and psychology of who we are and the place of creativity and movement in health and wellbeing. 

Many years of yoga, pilates, Feldenkrais, and the Alexander Technique finally led me to Authentic Movement, 5 Rhythms, and finally Qoya as a way of practicing mindfulness in movement, conscious dance, and a somatic approach to health and healing. 

Qoya has allowed me to integrate all my prior learning about the wholeness of ourselves including anatomy and physiology, coaching, brain science, and psychology.

Qoya is based on the simple idea that through movement we remember. 

Drawing on the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness, the freedom of creative dance, and the intuitive knowing of the body Qoya offers a fun, relaxing and accessible way to connect with ourselves, become more conscious and create a space for wisdom and insight to arise. 

The only way to really know what I mean is to try it out for yourself. 

There are free resources and videos available on the Qoya website.

Contact me if you would like information about Qoya classes or to find a Qoya class for you. 

Why Qoya

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