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Lifewise Coaching mind and body

My Journey 

I started my studies as a result of my own teenage struggles with health and body pain.

It is not an exaggeration to say that my early experiences with bodywork saved and changed my life.


I had an intense fascination with the human body and brain and thought I might study to be a brain surgeon until I discovered that hospitals and blood were not for me. Thankfully I discovered chiropractic-osteopathy and embodied somatics in 1982 started my studies.

The undergraduate chiropractic training at RMIT was neuroscience and medically focused as well as included a philosophy that was wholistic and vitalistic. The body has an innate intelligence and once interference or blockages are removed that prevent the expression of healing, then the body will move towards health and healing with an innate wisdom. Each person has the innate capacity for healing, wellbeing, and living their full potential.

This balance of science, art and philosophy allows for a wholistic perspective which infuses all of my work. 

I traveled to the UK to complete my studies at the Anglo European Chiropractic College and British School of Osteopathy and since this time I have continued to study many forms of mind-body practice, somatic-embodied practices  and healing-medicine.

My studies have included Craniosacral Therapy, the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Movement and Learning, Dance Therapy, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, Stress Management, Resilience Coaching, and Group Coaching. I am currently studying Focusing with The International Focusing Institute 


I have spent many years studying neuroscience, food and nutrition, gut health, immune function and the link between the body and the brain. I maintain my own daily yoga, dance and mindfulness practice and attend pilates sessions as well as leading Qoya classes. Having regular coaching helps me to keep on track, stay inspired and develop my practice.​​​

Bodywise Somatics is the practice I now offer and teach.

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