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It's time for a change

As we heal ourselves, so we can heal others and the world around us. Trauma is everywhere, subtle micro-trauma and violations to the sacredness of life, major macro-trauma of war, genocide, cultural annihilation and destruction, intergenerational violence, sexual violence and abuse.

The sacredness and sense of reverence for life that we all deeply need and yearn for is hard to find. How do we heal, how do we stop the perpetuation of all trauma, even the subtle forms of trauma, abuse and neglect? Can we restore the sense of sacredness and wholeness that is fundamental to who we are and may be essential for the evolution of our species and our survival?

The archetypal stories of good versus evil are not far away. Will it be survival of the fittest, most powerful, influential, wealthy, well-armed, most brutal? History shows us this has been the way. It has led to a culture of fear, terror, violence and environmental destruction.

We have been given an alternative. We have been offered wisdom about healing and wholeness, living in peace and with abundance.

Wisdom that includes the power of love, humility and forgiveness.

This is another archetypal story residing in our world and permeating our history. It is the story of self-sacrifice, of going beyond our own boundaries and territory, of recognising and remembering the sacred and divine in all life in every person.

As the old story goes, we each have two wolves. The first is the kind, loving and compassionate wolf, who has heard and heeded the messages of forgiveness, tolerance and living in harmony. We also have the other, the wolf of fear and survival, who will fight to the death and will be on alert for opportunity, advantage and power. Which wolf will succeed, according to the old story, is the wolf we choose to feed.

Will we ever get to the point as a species where we can say enough? Enough of the fighting, killing, fear, terror and destruction. Enough of the money making, power grabbing and one-upmanship. The end to making ourselves feel large by making another feel small, of projecting our own fears and insecurities onto others around us.

The use of power and oppression to repress women, children, indigenous and under-privileged. Of using our families as containers for our own unmet needs, our insecurities and our violent outbursts. Will we get to the stage when we can all say enough, there has to be something better and there is another way?

A way to harmony, healing and wholeness. A way to generation and nurture. A way to love and hope. We all have a choice to make, and we all make choices each and every day.

What we choose today, and how we respond now, will influence our tomorrows.

The change will not come from governments, corporations, rulers and regulators. The change will need to come from each individual, family and community. One person at the time and from parents to children, educators to classrooms and from leaders to organisations.

There is a rustle in the trees, an awareness and understanding arising. The ways of healing trauma in ourselves and others is becoming clearer. We are learning ways of remembering ourselves, recreating ourselves and healing the mind and body.

We can each make a choice and take individual responsibility for our own healing and growth. We can choose to support and facilitate the healing of those around us. We can reconnect with the divine, with the sacred and honour the reverence of each life. We can choose to build our capacity for compassion, empathy and connection. One heart, one brain and one mind at a time, multiplied over and over, the change can be made.

There is no time to delay, get yourself started today.

It’s time for a change.

If you are looking for a change, needing support or encouragement, please send me a message.  I offer a complimentary 30 min coaching conversation and always happy to offer direction, guidance and resources where needed.

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